11-lb Propane tank

Building a tiny house or small camper, having a propane system can add a lot of flexibility. Solar panels and off-grid electricity is great but any type of heating and cooking can use a lot of energy. Propane offers a great and convenient way to cook and heat a small space. Getting a small 11-lb bottle can add a ton of flexibility in where a system can be installed.

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Manufacturer's Website: www.flameking.com

Purchase Date: May 1st 2018

We Got Ours By: Full-Priced New Purchase

We Paid: $47.36 (USD)

Lowest Price: $44 (USD)

Highest Price: $68 (USD)




Would We Recommend it? Yes

Product Specifications:
  • Pre-purged vacuum ready for filling with LP Gas
  • High grade steel welded construction
  • Premium OPD valve assembly
  • X-ray and hydrostatic tested
  • Powder coating for long lasting exterior protection
  • DOT certified for 12 years


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