When people ask me what RV accessory I find the most useful on our travels, I always answer by saying it’s my collapsible bucket. Sure other travelers might think it’s a silly answer but in my case, it’s true. It was a game changer when we down-sized from the Airstream to our pop up truck camper and I currently use it in our Sprinter van. I use it for everything: washing dishes, hand washing laundry, transferring water, washing sandy feet, holding dirty dishes, holding extra groceries on travel days, and as a pool for the kids’ toys.

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Purchase Date: November 21st 2015

We Got Ours By: Full-Priced New Purchase

We Paid: $12.99 (USD)

Product Summary:

Freegrace buckets are great for camping, outdoors, road trips, travel, emergency, fishing, picnics – even for washing dishes, hauling water, and washing clothes or cleaning your feet from sand when you are on the beach.

Sturdy and stable when standing or collapsed flat and easy to store when you need it gone. It can be kept in the trunk for a spur of the moment trip to the beach or slipped into a suitcase.

This is one of the most space efficient buckets out there. It is convenient to store when not in use and it weighs little in your luggage. Use it to carry water, wash up dish or dirty laundry while camping, hiking. Keeping the bucket stored in your car makes you ready for any carrying task you might encounter.




Would We Recommend it? Yes

  • Stands upright on its own
  • Compact and well-made
  • Handles show no sign of wear after years of use
  • Some stains from our rusty pans but that’s really our own fault
Product Specifications:
  • ✔ 10L size: 7.87 x 9.84 inch(0.5 Pounds/229g),Capacity:610 Cu.In; 16L size: 9.44 x 11.8 inch(0.63 Pounds/288g),Capacity:976 Cu.In


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