We’ve had sinks and stoves in all of the different campers we’ve owned but they were always independent from each other. This is the first time we opted for a combination unit. We ended up choosing the 2-burner model with glass lid from Dometic.

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Lowest Price: $400 (USD)

Highest Price: $500 (USD)

Product Summary:

This sink and stove combo is a very well made product and fits our counter perfectly. We are happy to have this as the center point of our van’s galley.




Would We Recommend it? Yes

  • Size: The most important consideration for our purchase was size. Since our custom van build would have tiny kitchen area, choosing the most compact unit that would work for our family size was key. A combo unit was a no brainer for us.
  • Design: To maximize our limited countertop space, we chose a model with a flush mount glass lid. That allows for us to make use of the entire countertop when the unit is not in use.
  • Brand: We chose the Dometic brand because it is one we trust.
  • The lid: It took us some time to get use to open and closing the lid to quickly wash our hands. And it doesn’t really allow for us stow a bunch of dirty dishes in it, which is probably a good thing.
  • As we are building our custom camper van, I noticed a few light scratches on the glass lid. After noticing, I am a lot more careful with placing things directly on it.
  • I was a little disappointed that a foldable faucet was not included but it allowed us to choose a faucet model that worked best for us.
Product Specifications:
  • SKU number: 9103301639
  • Model: MO8322
  • US Item Name: MO832207D00FPUS
  • Product Description: Sink/2 Burner Cooktop Combo
  • Product height: 17.32″
  • Product depth 7,87″
  • Input voltage (DC) 12 V


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