We opted not to add a permanent bathroom in our self-built Sprinter van. For our family, we consider it a waste of living space as we full-time travel around the world. One of our alternatives for showering was to install a roof top pressurized tube shower to the roof of our van. The RoadShower was easy to install onto our Yakima bars and we find it super useful during our travels.

This is an awesome option to hose off sandy feet or to take a full shower. It uses the power of the sun to warm up the black metal aluminum tubing. Not ideal in cold weather or cloudy days but it also acts as storage for extra potable water which could come in handy in an emergency or prolonging your boondocking stay.

There are 3 sizes available for the RoadShower: 4 gallon (model 4s), 7 gallon (model 4) and 10 gallons (model 4l). We own the 7 gallon version. The 4 gallon seemed too small for our family and the 10 gallon seemed like too much weight on our van’s roof which we are always careful of, during the build and during use.

If we use a city-connected water hose to fill our RoadShower, it is pressurized directly from the pressure that hose. If we need to add pressure ourselves because we filled differently or are low on water, we use our portable air compressor.


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