We’ve owned an Italian moka pot for years. We started off with the 6-cup version when we only had one coffee drinker in our home. Now that we have two coffee drinkers, we’ve upgraded to the 12-cup model. The 6-cup model is perfect for 1 cup of coffee in a regular mug. The 12-cup model is perfect for 2 cups of coffee in a regular mug. The cup size for the moka pot is in reference to Italian espresso demitasse cups, not a regular sized American coffee mug. 

Our coffee tastes much smoother in this moka pot compared to a coffee maker. I love the simple design and that I don’t have to purchase coffee liners. I love how easy it is to clean while living on the road. The middle part with the grounds can get dumped directly in the trash with minimal water usage… which is important when living off-grid on the road.


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