Mali Mish Podcast – Episode 7 – Raising Kids and Schooling from the Road

In this episode we talk about how we approach raising our kids and schooling them on the road. We go through all of the details including the various tools we use to help making it easier. Everyone’s approach is their own and we make everything work in our own way.


Mali Mish Podcast – Episode 6 – Building Our DIY 4×4 Sprinter Van

In this extra long episode, we go into a lot of detail about how we built our 4×4 Sprinter van. From finding it at a nearby dealership to choosing the materials and layout for the build and all the way to a comprehensive list of materials and prices.

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Mali Mish Podcast – Episode 5 – Why We Switched to a Sprinter Van

In this episode, we originally planned to talk about the process of building out our van. But we started with why we switched to a van in the first place and it took about an hour to discuss the whole topic. We will save that for the next episode. Enjoy.


Mali Mish Podcast – Episode 4 – Our First Two Months in Croatia

In episode 4, we talk about what we’ve been doing in these first two and a half months in Europe. Specifically we talk about life in Croatia. We go over why we are here, the good and bad about living in Croatia for these last 2 months. We also talk a bit about Marlene’s family connection from this beautiful country.

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