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Goose Lake, Oregon.

As we continued to head north, we were determined to make it to Oregon. Driving from southern California to Oregon is a long haul. It is right up there with driving across west Texas. It takes just as much time to get to the Oregon border as it would be from here to Canada.


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June Lake, CA to Washoe State Park, NV to Susanville, CA.

As usual, we don’t really have many plans until the last minute. Because we know that even if we try to plan something, things always come up to try to ruin that plan. We had thought about going to Alaska first. Then we thought maybe we head to Europe for the summer. At the end, we decided to finish off the rest of the 48 contiguous states in the country by heading to the northeast. First stop, back up the 395 towards the state of Oregon.


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Sequoia National Park.

Well it is no secret that we are way behind on the blog but we are back in LA for a few weeks for the holidays so we will do our best to catch up. This goes all the way back to March 2014 when we spent some time at Sequoia National Park.


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Lone Rock Beach and Upper Antelope Canyon.

We made a mad dash for Page, Arizona after we left Wupatki National Monument because we knew that we would want to catch Horseshoe Bend at dusk. The last time we were there, we were running late as well and ended up catching it at just the right light. Admittedly, this is a place that is hard to get a good photo of. Almost every moment of the day will cast shadows in some part of the canyon and getting enough light to show it at dusk is always a challenge.

Ava and I made a dash to the edge of Horseshoe Bend just after sunset.

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National Monuments Galore to Flagstaff, Arizona

When we left Phoenix, we knew that we wanted to make our way eventually to Page, Arizona. We were just there a couple of months ago on our way to California from Albuquerque but since Josh and Jessa had never been, we didn’t mind one bit going back again. Plus, we wanted to hit up all of those National Monuments that were closed when we drove through last time.


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Chiricahua Mountains and Phoenix, Arizona.

Leaving Tombstone meant that we were once again looking for a place to stay for a few days. I have to visit the office in Santa Barbara in a few days so we decided that eventually heading over the Phoenix was the way to go since they have direct flights. But we were not so eager to go to a big city yet. We first made a few stops along the eastern part of the state.

The road up to Chiricahua National Monument is not travel trailer friendly. So just inside the gates of the park, we got an okay from the ranger to detach the #airstream and head on in with just the van. While we spent a few hours exploring, the Mish sat

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