Yesterday as we rolled into Deception Pass State Park, it was finally drizzling rain as we expected the entire region to be since we got here. We have a lot of road grime on the rig so I took the opportunity to stand out in the drizzle to scrub her down a little.


Shortly after we arrived, our friends Josh, Jessa and their boy Jack arrived. They just recently stayed here a couple of weeks ago but came back to meet us so we can caravan for a few days together.


We were only able to get one night here at Deception Pass but that is fine, we are moving on today to head to Anacortes. The plan is to find our way to San Juan Island for a couple of days. This is Luka’s new trick. Sleeping and eating. He is becoming quite the multitasker.


Mali Mish and 1337stream. Back together at last.


Josh is sporting quite a bullet-proof beard these days. Nice insulation to have for your face around these woods.


We drove north to the edge of the island to the town of Anacortes. This is where the ferry leaves for the San Juan Islands. We don’t have any reservations for camping out there and the cost of ferrying a trailer there with the van is nearly $500. We decided to settle for a few nights at Washington Park. It is first-come, first-serve and since it is the middle of the week, we were able to find a couple of nice spots pretty easily. The spaces are a little tight to get into but we managed without damage.


There are no hookups here and the foliage is pretty dense. That means we will have to run the generator once the batteries start to run low. But that’s okay. We love the challenge of boondocking (dry camping) and are equipped for it.


The girls and Jack loved running around in these woods.


The three of them became pretty much inseparable instantly.


Camping here is $25 a night for non-residents. That isn’t what I would call cheap for no hookups but certainly it will be a steal as compared to what we would pay on San Juan Island.


We decided that we will leave the Airstreams here for a few days while we explore San Juan Island just in the van and a tent. We had anticipated that we might need to do this from time to time and are equipped to do it.


Tomorrow we will board another Washington state ferry and hop to another island.

over and out,


Heidi · January 22, 2014 at 10:11 pm

I’m not clear–you’re not in Washington in winter, are you? I see some references to summer. Just wondering, we were up there last Oct.

marlene · February 3, 2014 at 8:22 pm

Hi Heidi,
You are correct. We are playing blog catch up at the moment. Should be up to date in the next couple weeks! 🙂

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