Vintage Trailer Show 2012: Decoliner by Randy Grubb.

There was nothing at the vintage trailer show more unique than the Decoliner by the master craftsman Randy Grubb.


If this vehicle doesn’t scream one-of-a-kind, then there is no such thing.


The first thing you notice aside from the polished side panel and pastel paint scheme is obviously the fly bridge on the top of the vehicle. If you look closely, you would notice that it actually has a steering wheel on the driver side. That steering wheel is not just for looks either, this beauty can be driven from both the lower cab as well as the open top fly bridge. It has a complete set of foot pedals and shifters up above and a steering linkage that can be connected and disconnected in few quick moments.


One of the most amazing things is that Randy dreamed up this project and built it all in a span of just 20 months. Even though this is a vintage trailer show, and this clearly is not a trailer and it is practically brand new, its essence is 100% mid-century modernism and feels right at home here.


The steering linkage comes down through the roof and mounts right to the the original GMC motorhome steering column to make all the right connections for the vehicle to be drive-able from the fly bridge.


As a matter of fact, it was driven this way down all the way from Oregon.


The interior of the GMC motorhome has been completely gutted and all custom furniture and decor has been added. It is not exactly a practical RV but of course it is not designed to be one.


It is more a piece of automotive expressive artwork. You would look pretty cool pulling up to a drive-up burger joint in this baby. It won’t matter how loud someone else’s blower is on their hot rod V8. This thing is guaranteed to get all the attention.


You just have to try to keep people from walking up the back and driving away on the fly bridge.

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